is La Isla Bonita actually a mescaline anthem?

I believe the lyrics almost state it clearly:

“como puede ser verdad?” -How could this be true? This expression of disbilief could be associated with a multitude of surprising events, but the first line sung in english clears the doubt: “last night I dreamt of san pedro”
The lines following do nothing but reinforce the idea that this is actually a psychedelic drug song.

“Just like I’d never gone, I knew the song” Clearly refers to an experience of Deja-vu, and the sense of homecoming, commonly associated with self discovery experiences.
“A young girl with eyes like the desert” is a quite an unusual visual association but I won’t get picky here, or we’d really have to question what the Platters meant when they sung that “only you can make the darkness bright”,  which we all surely agree is a clear reference to Ayahuasca
It all seems like yesterday, not far away” Again, an unusual connection between time and space, as if yesterday was somewhere and not sometime.

The remaining lyrics aren’t too obvious about it, but there is a clear sense of love and unity with nature and everything; it is also clear that the song is an autobiographical tale, temporally dissociated, she is experiencing and remembering while singing; of a typical love drug story, in which she and a partner experienced love and unity with nature in full scale color.

Now, on the other side, a way more often esoterically referenced artist seems to have been hit by the same meteor from the collective unconscious:

The music similarity is well known; but I want to believe in the madman’s innocence, what might be seen as an obvious case of plagiarism is in my opinion a clear sign of the unity of the universe, and the connection between this series of intervals and mescaline.

Because “unlockable doors” in the first line are without a doubt Aldous Huxley’s Doors of perception, and therefore, the whole track is a desperate cry of heaven denied; which anyone with a bit of taste who has been forced to live through the 90s can surely relate to

Is this all just a coincidence?
Como puede ser verdad?
I fatti mi cosano.

Further research is required, but we speculate that there must be at least one track from Battiato that sounds exactly like la Isla bonita if played in reverse.

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